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The Camping Tee


Send a Kid to Camp

The Camping Tee

As featured in "Welcome to the 4th Grade," by Dwayne Reed, this shirt enables an adventure where Lake Michigan has sharks and every raccoon is a bear. By purchasing this shirt, you will be sponsoring a first or second grader on his or her first over-night camping trip. The kids overcome new obstacles including setting up tents and swimming in waves for the first time. While all these adventures are happening, these kids learn of the world outside the neighborhood and develop a sense of independence. 

The white tee is made of 100% cotton in the USA. The jersey material sets the industry standard for quality. Our top-of-the-line tees are printed in Indiana with a fully vetted partner. The Hounds, ltd. is committed to excellence in apparel as well as philanthropy.

The grey tee is tri-blend allowing for one of our softest offerings yet with the cut of the tee mimicking our oxfords for a consistent experience. Pre-orders end Wednesday, May 31st and ship June 8th!

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