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Company Questions

Why was The Hounds Ltd started?

The Hounds Ltd is a happy collision of founder Adam Muncy’s love of fashion and philanthropy. His background working with inner city youth birthed in him a desire to help the underserved. This time left an impression on him over the years. And he mulled over creative ways to walk alongside those breaking out of the poverty cycle. Out of these ruminations, The Hounds was created. 

The Hounds combines Adam’s love of fashion with helping kids. Its mission is to provide school uniforms to underprivileged kids for every oxford shirt purchased. For the economically challenged, school uniforms can be a financial burden that’s hard to overcome. Education is a vital necessity in a child’s life. It provides a world of opportunity to a child seeking to break out of poverty. And as many schools require uniforms for each student. 


Who is the founder of The Hounds Ltd?

Our founder is Adam Muncy. Born and raised in southern Ohio, Adam attended Cedarville University where he studied economics. He’s spent time volunteering with youth across Chicago through Inner City Impact (ICI), The Hounds pilot partner organization. 


How does The Hounds Ltd model work?

For every oxford shirt purchased, The Hounds donates a school uniform to a child in need.


How are local partner organizations chosen?

We firmly believe in building long-term relationships. We take time to choose partner organizations that resonate with our mission and have connections within the communities they serve. Our pilot partnership was created organically stemming from a relationship formed over several years.


Do you work with international organizations to provide uniforms?

Not at this time. Currently our efforts are with US-based nonprofits and charities.


How can I be a part of The Hounds Ltd?

Please check to explore opportunities with The Hounds.

Product Questions

What materials are the shirts made of?

The shirts are made of 60/40 cotton poly blend. 


What colors options are available?

At the present time we only offer blue oxford shirts.


Do the shirts shrink or stretch?

Our oxford shirts are made with preshrunk fabric so they won’t shrink or stretch after washing or wear.


What sizes are available?

Available men’s sizes are XS, S, M, L, and XL.


Where are the shirts manufactured?

Our shirts are currently produced in Honduras by people we've taken the time to know. We've walked the factory floors to understand how our product comes to be. Future production sites are being explored to employ people domestically and internationally.


What makes your shirts different?

Our shirt has several details that make it stick out in a crowded market place. First and foremost, we've returned to a few classic details that have been lost over time. Our dedication to providing 60/40 cotton-poly textiles has become a rarity in the modern market place. Our red stitching allows for an instantly recognizable shirt without being over-powering.  To add a touch of personalization and display our attention to detail, each shirt is individually numbered. Lastly, our cut allows for a modern silhouette without being restrictive and our high arm holes allow for superior mobility.

Can I find your shirts at my local retailer?

The Hounds oxford shirt is sold exclusively online through This is to keep overhead costs to a minimum, keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and maintain a close relationship with our customers.