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Adam Muncy

I am a consumer. I am constantly consuming and digesting communication of all forms from infinite sources. Longform essays, albums, photojournals, case studies and documentaries fill more of my time than they probably should. It's not necessarily the content of the consumables that grows me, but the way they challenge my thinking. Experiencing those narratives enables our minds to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills so that when we face those "movie moments" in our own lives, we will be able to see them beyond the immediate surface level. 

One of those movie moments for me happened a year ago. I'd been researching and applying for accelerators for about six months. An accelerator is sort of a combination of an incubator and an MBA program. After tons of research, I thought I had it figured out. The one in my crosshairs was caused focused, local to my hometown and I'd even visited the headquarters on multiple occasions while pitching to investors in their footprint. Unfortunately, when the time came, my application was automatically thrown in the reject pile because I was a solo founder. At the time, I thought it was about the stupidest reasoning I could imagine. But I was only viewing the surface. 

The Hounds came to be shortly shortly after I asked my now wife to marry me. She is a wonderful educator, constant encourager, accountability partner, world class salesperson and master folder. But her best quality (related to the Hounds) is that she is ALMOST as stubborn as me, and she doesn't put up with laziness. 

Any entrepreneur who tells you they are so self motivated they go all out 100% of the time is about as trustworthy as the guy who says his tattoos didn't hurt. It's part of the journey. Beaches have sand. Cherries have pits. And constant decision-making and daily grind will wear you out!

Likewise, running a business is easy when I'm designing shirts and handing out uniforms. But it's not as easy when I'm doing the accounting or folding hundreds of shirts after a full day of work. This is when her stubborn-ness is most valued. When she won't let me stop folding at shirt fifty or seventy-five. It's most valued when she's waking me up at 6:00 on a Saturday because set-up starts in 2 hours. It's most valued when she is pushing me when I'm done pushing myself. 

In hindsight, the accelerator was being perfectly reasonable with their partner requirement. I would going half speed if it weren't for my partner. I just didn't have the foresight to list her on the application.