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Summer Camping Re-cap

Adam Muncy

School is starting up again soon, and we wanted to fill you in on how the summer went. 

First of all, you guys have continued to support our vision to send kids camping in a way we could not have foreseen. For the second year in a row, you allowed us to completely subsidize the cost of the k-2nd camping trip. For many of these kids, it is their first time sleeping away from home; and, for some, the first time outside of the neighborhood. 

While I personally was unable to attend, I was treated to frequent updates from some of the amazing staff at Inner City Impact. The kids grew immensely in the short time and seemed to have enjoyed themselves along the way. One cool surprise for everyone (camp planners included) was McDonald's breakfast due to early morning rain, but our kids weren't deterred. They continued to make the most of their day and even swam in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan. 

None of this would have happened without your amazing support! Your purchases are making a world of difference.