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Ethical Production

Adam Muncy

To be completely transparent, when I decided to start a brand, I put absolutely no thought in ethical production or clean supply chains. When I got a steal, I applauded the free market system and international trade agreements. 

I legitimately believed that everyone paid their workers a living wage. Silly me for believing that there were government agencies who would stop employers from creating unsafe working conditions. In my mind, no mall brand would be involved in shady practices resembling servitude. 

To be blunt, I was ignorant. Sadly, most folks are ignorant. It's not unreasonable to make the assumption that no part of driving to the mall and buying something off the clearance shouldn't make one feel guilty. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect. Clothes are cheap because employees are virtually enslaved. People are forced to work in 100 year old buildings built in countries that literally have no enforceable code. These are not people who are "used to" the heat, long hours or debt servitude. They are people the same as all of us and deserve better. 

I do not want to be a part of that. I promise to never contract sewers that use these practices. Whether you shop with us or not, please join us in that.