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Adam Muncy

Too often we've seen a culture of exclusivity in fashion. Everywhere we see an exclusive "cool kids club." We want to go on record stating we will never be part of that club (maybe because we will never be invited). We will always be stoked for everything you're doing. 

We get so excited for all the creative energy we see. That's why you see our stuff pop-up in so many spots or us sharing booths. There are so many brands that we text to congratulate every time they release a great piece. We will always share and support whatever our friends have produced last. 

One of our biggest creative supporters is Hillking Supply Co. They are operating on such a similar creative wavelength. It is not uncommon for us to be texting back and forth over the meaning behind word placement on a tee. The coolest part is that we've been having those same conversation since before Hillking had every produced a shirt or we were even a concept. 

We will always support Dwayne Reed because he's always been such a creative energy. Before we heard him welcoming kids to the 4th grade, we heard him teaching campers "Kentucky Fried Chicken and PIzza Hut." The Hounds, Ltd. will continue to support Dwayne anyway we can because we love his creative energy and direction. 

 A newer project we love is "We." by Kareem Manuel. We've known him as rapper for years, but to see him making statements of personal responsibility as a designer is inspiring. That's why you'll see us sharing his stuff. It just gets us too pumped to keep to ourselves. 

 A lot of brands start creating because they didn't see what they wanted to. Lakelife Supply has done just that. They are planning a Spring launch for their brand, and we couldn't be more excited. 

One of the bigger brands that has been stoked for us is Ohio Against the World. Whenever you're starting something new, there will be plenty of days when it seems like you aren't good enough. This team is always available for an encouraging text or an inside secret. One of my favorite things about them is their lack of discrimination. I've never seen a brand collaborate with artists, skaters and rappers, become the rally call of sports teams, and still manage to make wonderful political statements at the same time. 

Always support those around you. If people are building, help them.