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Why do we work backwards?

Adam Muncy

Before we knew we'd make Oxford cloth button downs, we knew we wanted to work with Inner City Impact.  Years ago, we were discussing how we could make an impact in Chicago with ICI, and he mentioned the need for school uniforms. It made us think of what had been our "uniforms" going through school. Everyday was a well-fitting shirt with a button-down collar usually paired with some dark denim. From there, we developed the concept of creating the best oxford cloth shirts we could imagine. 


Before we'd finished designing the first shirt, we knew we wanted our cutters and sewers to have a say in their work. We've always believed that there is a right way to do business. We know that just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. So we found a factory that met all the requirements on paper then flew there to make sure they met all the requirements in real life. We've also known that environmental stewardship was incredibly important. That's why we chose to produce with a Honduran co-op. It's fairest to the cutters and sewers and decreases our carbon footprint. 


This is why we started brainstorming our next release after we found out waterproof gloves were in high demand.