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Adam Muncy

Since day 1, we knew that if we took care of our customers, they'd take care of us. Part of that means we have to be willing and able to answer any and all questions our customers ask of us.  

That is why we link our giving partner on our homepage and tag them in all social media. We want you to know who we are working with. If you're curious of how worthy they are, you can always view their 990. A 990 is a tax form every 501(c)3 files each year giving a specific breakdown of where their donations flow. It is legally required that these be visible to the public.  

To be completely transparent, our Camping Tee provided around 1% of the entire camping budget for our giving partner in 2016, and our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to one day fund their entire camping program, but that is a ways away. 

Likewise, we strive to be transparent in our own business practices. As a matter of privacy for others, there are some things we cannot disclose. For instance, we can tell you where our tailoring co-op is and what certifications they have, but we cannot tell you who else contracts them. 

Please hold us accountable by asking the questions that we thought to answer. This helps us to be transparent in every step of production.