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Q&A with Brian Aviles of Inner City Impact

Adam Muncy

Brian ran day camp in 2016.

Brian ran day camp in 2016.

1. Who are you, and what do you do?

"My name is Brian Aviles. I have been a lifelong friend of the founder of the Hounds, Ltd. I am currently raising money to become part of the staff at Inner City Impact. I will be working with the k-5 program in the Logan Square location."

2. Why Chicago?

"I have lived most of my life in Ohio, but I was always known as the Chicago kid because I would pride myself on being from Chicago even though I only lived there for a small portion of my life. I don’t have too many great memories living in Chicago, but I was a big fan of the sports teams.

The older I got the more I fell in love with the city and not just the teams. I got connected with Inner City Impact the same time Adam (the founder of The Hounds, Ltd.). This opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn’t really understand. Living in a small Christian town all I knew was the life I saw. I thought everyone had the blessings I did growing up because we live in “the greatest country in the world.” The more I would work with the youth the more I realized that wasn’t the case for everyone. I wanted to do what I could to be part of the solution and love those that I have spent my whole life not thinking about."

3. What challenges do you face?

"The challenge that I face every day is my pride. I like to think that I know the answer to everything. For example I had a friend at Inner City Impact that would talk to me about the issue of racism. At first I would always defend myself, and not listen to what he was saying. God started to put it on my heart that I needed to listen because his life experiences were not the same as mine. Once I started putting aside my pride the more I was able to learn and be taught from God. Now I am not trying to say I got it all together because I still have a lot to learn. All I can do is try my best to listen to others and figure out how God is trying to move in their life."

4. What do you wish more people knew?

"There so many things, and I am not too sure I am too qualified to talk about them. I will give you a couple of things. I wish more people understood that things in America are not as great as we think they are. I have seen so many kids that live their life in “survival mode.” I have had kids come into my life that the only meal they would get that day is the free meal they get at school. It is easy for us to look at the problems in the City and say if they just did this they would be better off, but we don’t have to grow up with the same problems. Another thing I wish people knew was that a listening ear can go a long way to fixing the problems we see. We need to understand that we don’t know what we don’t know."

5. Why is Derrick Rose so much better than Jimmy Butler?

"HAHA. For those of you that don’t know me and Adam debate this just about every week. I am not in the camp that thinks Rose is better than Butler. Rose stands for some good things. He is a kid from the City that gave many kids hope, but if I am running a basketball team, I am going for the guy that is the better player. Also, Butler is a guy we can all get behind as well. He has done many things to help out local ministries. I wish that Rose didn’t have all those injuries, but if you are going to spend over $20,000,000 a year on a player it needs to be someone who is in the prime of their career. I would love Rose to be back in Chicago one day but for a lot less money."


6. Which Chicago team do think is most involved in the city?

"I think all the teams do their part in the City. It is hard to grasp who does more because all teams are obligated to do things in the community. There are two things that I think are big for this City. One of them is the Championships. When the Cubs, Blackhawks, and White Sox won their championships it brought community. It is a time when everyone is coming together to cheer for the same thing. Also I think the D-Wade signing was much bigger than the game itself. Wade has been a Hall Of Fame talent, and because of that people listen when he speaks. He has shown great leadership for the team, and also the City. He stands up for issues he believes are important and does what he can to help give hope to the youth in Chicago."

7. What motivates you?

"Community! When I see people coming together with the common goal of making things better I get excited. When I see good things going on I want to be a part of it. I try my best to find out what role I play and get better at it. I had a friend tell me once that “We can’t be everything to everybody.” The point he was trying to make is that we have a role that we play in these kids lives, and our goal should be to be the best at that role. Once we start trying to do things that are not our role we lose our effectiveness. If we as the Church lived that way we would not be stopped. I know I have a long way to go, and pray that every day I can become a better version

of me."