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Thank You for 2016!

Adam Muncy

There are plenty of things to complain about in 2016, but it has been our best year. We have so many to thank in 2016.

Thank you to Radiant Church for providing the encouragement and accountability to not let the vision die in its infancy. Special thanks to Andrew, Emily, Shanna, Ian, Carissa, Brian, Jill, Jacob and Liz. 

Thank you to BadSpark Design for giving us a visual identity.

Thank you to Hillking Supply Co. founder Josh Simmons for always being available to vision cast and brainstorm. We literally would not even have a website domain without your guidance. Your daily conversations have been the only thing keeping the brand going on more days than we'd care to admit.

Thank you to Austin Rogers and Larry Belcher for providing the most perfect images.

Thank you to Ocean Accelerator and Sabo Investments for showing that our future wasn't so far away. Brad and James, you've both been a great encouragement. 

Thank you to all our manufacturers and suppliers. Your commitments to ethical standards and quality allow us to create wonderful products. We believe in how you operate.

Thank you to Inner City Impact in Chicago for handling all of our social ventures and helping to create the vision of what our brand could do. BJ, Chris, Brian and Dino, you've all been a huge help in everything you've done. Thanks for letting us play a small part in what you do every day. 

Thank you to 5x5 Night and the entire team at Start Garden. You're doing great work for the state of Michigan! Laurie and Tricia specifically have been great supporters. Even though we didn't get the W on pitch night, you helped us refine our vision and build great relationships.

Thank you to Dwayne Reed for donning our shirt in your viral videos and shouting out to us in so many of your interviews. We love what you're doing and are so excited to see what you do next.  

Thank you to Cedarville University for providing a liberal arts education. You taught us how to think and care. Please continue to teach liberal arts. Value your philosophy and humanities communities.

Thank you to my family. Without you, none of this would've been possible. Thank you to my parents for striving to understand the Millenial dream of being horribly underemployed while trying to make a difference in the world. Thank you to my siblings who've lent their skills to the Hounds, Ltd.

Thank you to my amazing wife to teaching me the importance of education and for being willing to cut corners on luxuries while bootstrapping the vision of what the Hounds, Ltd. could be.

Most of all, Thank YOU to everyone who has purchased a shirt. Whether YOU sent a kid camping or donated a school uniform, YOU made a difference in the life of a child. YOUR purchase enabled education. That education enabled empowerment.