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Dollar Votes

Adam Muncy

We are not here to sing praises to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Thankfully, election season is over. We are here to talk business.

When done best, business is a democracy. Just like in our political system where your vote means something, business is based on voting. Every dollar you spend is a vote. When you purchase from Patagonia, you are voting for ethical production, honest sourcing and on-site daycare for employees. When you purchase from the Root Collective you vote for transparency, handcrafted shoes and women entrepreneurs. When you purchase from us, you vote for co-op production, lifetime quality and empowerment through education.

Likewise, your dollars spent elsewhere count just the same. Spending money on fast fashion votes for what can be dangerous working conditions and exploitative employment practices. Making purchases at some big box stores votes for the person handling your transaction to not make a living wage.

The free market is a beautiful thing because it allows you to choose who wins. It allows you say what's right. Do not use that ability carelessly.